Typefaces are important for branding and visual identity, and companies can either buy a pre-made font or create their own custom one. Buying a pre-made typeface may seem cheaper and easier, but there are lots of reasons why having a custom type design is a better choice.

A custom-made typeface can be designed to match a company’s unique style, message, and vibe. This means it’ll be perfect for them, reflect their values, and will stand out from competitors. Since it’ll match their needs precisely, it’ll also make everything look consistent and put together.

Great and unique type can become an iconic part of your brand identity, making you more recognizable and memorable. When you buy a pre-made font family, lots of other people might use it too. But with a custom typeface, it’s just for you. This gives you an edge over competitors and makes you look extra special. A custom type family is an investment in your brand’s future.

It might seem like commissioning your own typeface is more costly than buying off the rack, but this is most often not the case. Buying from traditional vendors means you have to pay licenses depending on number of users, and for different uses like websites or apps. With your own typefaces, you can tailor a licensing agreement that matches your needs best- or own the copyright to the typeface outright and not pay any license fees.

Finally, designing a custom typeface can be a fun and exciting process! You get to work with a designer to create something that’s totally unique and will sharpen and define your brand. This can also help build a strong sense of identity and ownership among your employees.

In conclusion, buying a pre-made typeface might seem like the easier option, but making a custom typeface has loads of benefits. It’ll be perfect for your brand, totally unique, super versatile, an investment in your future, and a fun process too. So go ahead and make your mark with your own custom typeface!